Where can I find additional information about hopTo?

Information can be accessed directly through the Company's web site:  www.hopTo.com.
Information about hopTo Work can been accessed through www.hopto-work.com

Where is HopTo Inc. Headquartered?

51 East Campbell Avenue, Suite 128 Campbell, California 95008 USA 

How can I invest in hopTo? Can I purchase hopTo stock directly from the Company?

You can purchase stock in the Company through a registered brokerage or stock purchase service provider of your choice. You cannot buy hopTo stock directly from the company.

On what exchange does hopTo trade and what is its ticker symbol?

hopTo’s ticket symbol is HPTO and is currently trading on the OTCQB.

How can I listen to hopTo's quarterly earnings calls?

You can do so by visiting our ‘Events’ webpage for dates and times of upcoming calls. hopTo also publishes a news release with the information on how to listen to the call approximately one week before a call is scheduled.

When and where is the hopTo Annual Stockholders Meeting?

You can see when hopTo will be holding its Annual Stockholders Meeting by visiting our Events webpage for dates and times.  

How many common shares of hopTo are outstanding?


When is the fiscal year end for hopTo?

Our fiscal year ends on December 31. Our quarters end on March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31.

Does hopTo offer a Direct Stock Purchase Plan?

No, hopTo does not offer a Direct Stock Purchase Plan.

Does hopTo pay a dividend?

hopTo does not currently pay a dividend to its stockholders. 

Who is hopTo’s transfer agent and how does a registered shareholder contact the agent regarding account information?

American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, 6201 15th Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 10038.

Who is hopTo’s Independent auditor?

Macias Gini & O'Connell LLP
3000 S Street
Suite 300
Sacramento, CA, 95816
United States

How do I contact Investor Relations?

For investor relations, please contact the following individual:

Jean-Louis Casabonne
hopTo Inc.
(408) 688-2674 x5025